H&R Block Tax E-File

H & R Block’s website features a very intuitive and simple screen which guides you in the right direction if you’re unsure about which of their tax systems to use. Though they offer a free e-filing service, this is only available to certain taxpayers, and others will have to pay for a different service. On the taxes screen, there are circumstances that you click, such as “I own a home” and “I have investments”. Depending on the combination of circumstances you click, the website will highlight which of their e-filing services it suited to you.

Their free service is called “More Zero”, and allows employees to file federal and state 1040EZ, 1040A, and 1040 (with Schedule A) tax forms for free. You simply upload a picture of your W-2 and answers some questions to get started. Conveniently, you can import data from your previous year’s tax return into H & R Block’s system, and you can even transfer tax data from Turbo Tax, Credit Karma, Tax Act, and other similar services. This is very handy if you’re switching your e-filing services over from last year.

With the More Zero system, you can import your 1095-A, 1098, 1098-E, 1098-T, 1099-B, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, and 1099-R. You can also enter your Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) information, as well as information about any mortgage interest deductions or real estate tax information for Schedule A. For a fee of $49.99, you can also request a tax review from a tax professional, who will verify that everything is in order. More Zero also gives you access to online chat and support if you should ever need it.

You may have to pay for one of their more advanced systems depending on your circumstances, with the cheapest out of these being “Deluxe”, which costs $34.99. Deluxe features all the elements of the free system, but additionally showcases the “Deduction Pro” tool which optimizes your tax savings by looking at things such as your charitable donations over the year. You are also given access to 24/7 tax expert advice via online chat, as well as general technical support via phone.

Next up is the “Premium” service, coming in at $54.99. This features all the Deluxe services, as well as options for freelance and contractor income with simple expenses. Additionally, the Premium service can help people with investment-related income, and allows you to input data about stocks, bonds, retirement, and other forms of investment income. Premium also has options for rental property income and tax deductions, as well as a system that helps you to determine the cost basis of your home sale, dividends, gift, and inheritance assets.

Last but not least is H & R Block’s “Self-Employed” e-filing system. This system features all of the Premium features, as well as self-employment and small business income (Schedule C) tools. The Self-Employed service also enables you to file business tax deductions and asset depreciation information too. A special tool for Uber Drivers filing their tax returns is here too, as well as common deductions for businesses. Startup companies even have the ability to write-off their startup costs with H & R Block’s Self-Employed e-filing service!